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Promise of Tomorrow – Daily Prompt: This is My Life

11 Jan

Today’s tantalising Daily Prompt was:

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

The only knowledge of tomorrow I need is the feeling of being alive today. The trust that life carries us, that life carries on after us, that it did so before us and will do so for an eternity. When I feel this comfort, peace and clarity inside me I know there’s nothing else I need. No Tarot cards or books with psychic powers.

Promise of Tomorrow

Sometimes I just
Spin and spin and spin
Like a blind firefly
Because I know
My lips will not become
Worn from kissing the air
My body will not be beaten harsh
On the hot anvil of love
But that one day
As I spin and spin and spin
It will be dropped there
Carelessly, to gain warmth
To be peaced back together
From the dizzying mists
I have visited
This I know
A certainty of living
With a feeling heart
And only this I need
A pulsing promise of tomorrow

Two in one: A Promise Whispered and Plea -Romantic Monday post

3 Dec



Okay, because it’s Romantic Monday and all you need is love, I’m going to be extra generous today and give you not one but two romantic poems!

Yesterday I talked about poetry duets being an inspiration dialogue, so today I decided to try something new on those lines. I’m very excited! What you’re getting is the dialogue of two poems, the dialogue of two lives, the dialogue of two lovers.

First, you get to enjoy a poem by one of my favourite poets, Tommy Tabermann, that I stumbled upon today and translated to you.  I then wrote my Romantic Monday- poem as an answer to his. I wanted to have two pieces that might be separate but breath in the same rhythm, a nod towards ‘finding your missing piece’ which is of course THE idiom of romantic love. In doing this I wanted to give you something totally new, something you have not read before, another view on romance. Because what I love most about our Romantic Monday is that it has become a world-wide poetry feast, always surprising, always showing new shades of love.

Plus, Tommy Tabermann should be introduced to you because he is quite adorable and looks a bit like a sheep,  and sheeps too are adorable. (Click the link to see how fluffy he is! He would make a very wise sheep, I’m sure.) And he’s very talented of course and I want to pay my respect to his poetry, in which Cupid lives quite happily without a doubt since it is so full of feeling. Hopefully my translation does his poetry justice.

Peace and love, enjoy and take care of each other!


Plea by Tommy Tabermann


Come to me as rain

Come as swift, swooshing,

chinkling like the bells 

of an invisible cattle

Come to me as the rain of May.


And from the fissures of my rock

the grass and the onion will swoop

out of their cell, they will plead to

be a pillow under your ear,

a gipsy camp on your tongue.


Come to me as snow

Come as the freezing, slowly

trudging flakes of November

The raging, draughty rifle

of your last words on your shoulder.


Not in me to be a lint,

not  in you to be the wind.


Come to me, but

now already I will ask,

now already

I will ask, staring into

the cerulescent of my anticipation,

spare me of sleet.


And here’s mine:


A Promise Whispered


I will move into your heart

The way spring’s fingertips move

On the velvety surface of dawn

In caresses of translucency

In softly rising light first unnoticed

Colouring the air into life with hasty streaks

With petals of purple lilac


I will move into your heart, I will come

and shower myself in your love

Be it fleeting, arctic storms

Ice ages outliving the swaying summer wind

Be it a stream of  pearly water reviving

Or the somber, grey stubble

Of the Autumn fields, tast all harvest,

Bending their bare heads in humble greeting


I will,

if you only let me surrender

If you only let you to unravel undone,

If you only let us to become

The meandering trail of frosty mornings

And the surprising crumbs of time

To be found asleep, waiting peacefully

Inside the buds of sunflowers


I will come

If you only let us become

Anything at all, even just a distant ring

A sudden burst that once strikes through the air

Simply to startle a single butterfly

Into flight, into a promise whispered

In a spinning moment, in a wink of an eye.


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