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Clumsy is a synonym for perfect if you make it so

30 Sep

Finished my second ever live drawing session today and here’s the result! Pretty happy even if there’s still little annoying mistakes my eyes see, but I’ve decided not to be too hard a perfectionist if only for today. After all, even if I have walked into a door head first today (and as a matter of fact, burned my forehead with a straightener and slammed a car door full blast into my face so that my lip acquired a nice botox-gone-wrong look), it’s still been a pretty much perfect weekend off from work. Seen a very good friend, been to a gig and a get-together and fallen in love with drawing again! “All happy news, except the last one”,  my friends and family might say, since it means they’ve now all turned into a personal models of mine sitting on a stool while I totter around with my pencils. Big thanks for the model on this one!

One day I’ll get to wander around Europe and draw the passers-by like the street artists in Paris and London and Prague. Till then I’m gonna content myself with cups of hot chocolate and a living room transformed into a mini workshop.
Photo Copyright Daydreamdaisies.