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Growing death

3 Feb
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Growing death


Your dainty body
Immured in goodbyes
A dry, silent pleading
Lolling out of your mouth
Your swollen tongue
And taste buds
Like overripe berries
In their longing
To be covered with a blanket
Of fresh air, once more

In answer
I brought your hands
To my lips
Kissed them into a handloom
Allowed my warm breath
To become a spinner
Diving for your wish
To find it nestling
In the gullies of time
Lining your palm
I gave them all my air
Till they were fresh valleys
And your green eyes suddenly
Wet grass glistening

Then I took a deep drink
Inhaled your soul
Drew out of you
A raindrop thread of life
Pieced it gently together
With my teeth, felt it
A Nightjar flapping
Pushing dawn along
With its wings
Your wings
Curled to rest on my tongue
I ran, ran, ran
Out to the open

There I freed you
Blew you out, head rushed
So you could feel again
The sprinkle of spring
In the air
That was when
I heard a deep gasp
The whole landscape
Sucking its breath
To welcome you
That was when
I understood the halo
Life’s perfect mosaic:

Your smile
Bowing like a rainbow
On the sky
Tying together the miracles
Of earth and air
Your mouth open
To greet the delicate taste
Swirling in the wind
The taste of overwhelming
Overflowing, growing life
You, laid to rest
With the whole world
Imprinted on your eyelids

Romantic Monday: Injured promises

19 Nov

I know I’m a bit late… but sometimes love just keeps you waiting. Whether this is romantic is an open debate for you to tackle, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Wishing you lots of love.


Injured promises


How to let go of this hide and seek,

this aching, pulling love that lingers

in resolute hotel rooms


With their smooth sheets

Chemically washed, bleached

Out of human touch

Beaten fresh till they forget

The secrets whispered by

The blinded runaway-bodies


How to let go of the injured promises

This love wearing the rags of a coward

Hiding away in those hotel rooms


Behind their indifferent walls,

muddy decors so softly painted

That they erase your memory

Gently rinse it out of guilt

Guide it into a careless bliss

With the echoes of I do’s fading


As your heart tangles with the warmth

The withering hopes of letting go

Laid bare under the hotel room sheets


Till all that is left of this game

This cold dinner for three

Are the left-overs of our hearts

Our blue lips alienated, wondering

Wandering across the plains

Of our grated, rusty skin


Losing touch, losing trust, losing hearts

Limping in silence, watching

As all our love

So slowly shivers, faints and falls


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