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Painted with words

27 Sep

“From the very beginning of this love I have felt that unless I threw myself into it sans arrière pensée [unreservedly], committing myself totally and with all my heart, utterly and for ever, I had absolutely no chance, and that even if I do throw myself into it in this way the chance is very slight. But what do I care if my chance is great or small?

I mean, should I, can I, take that into account when I am in love? No, no reckoning up, one loves because one loves.”

-Vincent Van Gogh-

I love this quote, the simplicity of it. One loves because one loves. There’s great truth to it I think, the way it unstrips emotion of all doubts and fears,  causes and consequences.  Maybe this is the secret to happiness, to just accept and live an emotion, instead of trying to scrutinise and analyse it in a textbook manner.

I picked up this quote from the equally great documentary “Painted with words” that I accidentally stumbled across in Youtube.  It’s great! If Van Gogh hadn’t been an artist, he would have been a poet.

So if you like art or if you are even a tiny bit interested on Van Gogh, watch it! And if you aren’t keen on either,  then watch it for the sheer talent and gorgeous cheekbones of Benedict Cumberbatch. Promise you won’t regret it.