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While Gaza Weeps

21 Nov

This poem is written as a duet by me and the ever inspiring, beautiful Hastywords. Once again, thank you for your words Hasty. They’re precious to me.


Photocredit: http://cmec.org.uk


While Gaza Weeps


The midnight calls

Tempermental notes

Sighing, resigning

As the spectators watch


Raindrops weeping

Raw acid falling

Erasing lives, eroding holes

As the two worlds collide


Night grasps at daylight

Greedily eats at time

Layers upon layers collapse

Spanning the spectrums we hide


This crumbling shadow play

Sweeps over the castles we build

From the ashes of our history

Sends the petals of dead spinning


Lured from their graves

From their departed sorrows

Children giggle, peeking

As ancestors parade on by


Their laugh resonates through the bones

It waters the bomb-sites and

Out of them grow

Shining Snowdrops of tomorrow



May the people in this world, the people who have known war and suffering, find happiness and peace. I hope that once this world will be a more loving place, and today I want to give you all the love and strenght my little heart can carry.

Because to change this world for better, your heart does not need to be big or old, it does not need to carry the wisdom of the ancient trees. All your heart needs to know is love and how to share that love.

Take care, of yourself and of others in need. Peace!

You can spend all your time analysing a dance. Or you can dance.

1 Oct

Diagnosis of a rainy day: I have a love-hate relationship with my brain.

I was reading We Need To Talk About Kevin and started thinking about appearences.

Why is it that I sometimes wish so hard that people would like me and then, when it seems that someone who has been nasty to me might actually like me, I spend time worrying whether it’s all pretence. Instead I should focus on whether it’s not. Or better, focus on the fact that there is people in my life I know are true and genuine and special.

Maybe the problem is that I want to like everyone. I’m a believer in good and in altruism, and it is scary to think that somebody’s opinion didn’t matter in the end. That I’ve wasted time worrying about a thing that didn’t matter anyway. Or that, indeed, something didn’t matter, wouldn’t that mean that I don’t like everyone after all? But I don’t want to be hypocritical. I do genuinely believe that everyone is equally important in this world, people just don’t have the capacity to find everyone important at the same time, which is sad.

Now I’m worrying about worrying, how paradoxal. Isn’t that the ultimate zeitgeist of a waste of time? Or does it make me wiser? Does it have to have a function and purpose anyway to make it worthy; can’t an emotion be worthy in itself, because it exists? I love to think everything happens for a reason, but maybe I should realise that even if something is coincidence, it doesn’t make everything a coincidence. It doesn’t make life a coincidence. Even if everything doesn’t have a purpose, it doesn’t make your life purposeless .

I’ve often been told that I think too much. But if I didn’t think and analyse, this blog probably wouldn’t exist. I might not love writing and other things I love dearly, and then that would make my life much gloomier than worrying does. Then again, worrying does complicate things in vain sometimes and I know over-analysing can also be my flaw. But I also know it’s not a one of Shakespearean proportion. I don’t let it stop me from doing things.

Because you can spend all your time analysing a dance. Or you can dance.