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An ode to the 21st century

7 Nov

Photocredit: guardian.co.uk

This city is the faceless eel

that sucks your body dry,

it is the greyness and rain

dampening your brain,

turning it into poisoning fungi

This city is the pit of vomit, cold

and egoistic battles, it is the cages

of our minds that rattle, it is

the reek of loneliness in our tears

as we squirm in our one-room flats,

in our boxed-up apocalyptic fears

And yet, I do not hate this city

and the dark pit of dirt it bears

No, I do not hate but dream of the day

we’ll buy all the pure-coloured paint

and overnight, we will spray this city white

And we will watch that glimmer

we created, we will watch it peel

the buildings out of stiffness and

the people out of their sunken forms,

we will watch us all being reborn,

again carrying the sun in our cores

I do not hate this city for it is not evil

only baby-blind, waiting to open up

its hazy eyes.

I do not hate this city because

to love the sun one must first be

shown the light.