Love for life- Romantic Monday

25 Feb

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– The meaning of life is to live rich. To be courageous. Life is short and there’s many lives for us to live within that short time. Many places to see, many wells to peek in. You don’t have to jump straight into them all but at least take a look and see how deep the water is. Find what rich life means, to you. Is it money? No…

– Money might be riches in your wallet but what are the riches of the heart is a totally different matter.

– You’re right. So don’t be afraid. Go where your heart yearns to go.


Above is the conversation I just had with my neighbour. It came out of nowhere, as I was coming home from my walk. Out of nowhere came the words I needed to hear, the courage I needed to feel again. Who knew? Who knew that life can be this generous?

My neighbour did.  He had the wisdom. Now it has been passed on to me. And I wish to pass it on to you.

So I hope, I wish, I pray you feel blessed today. Just remember:

The love for life is the only love you need. Out of that love is all other love born.


I cradle the silence

I bow my head as life’s candle is lit

I can see the flame trembling

In the meandering trail of birds

Rejoicing in the cry of a newborn

My gaze, it answers to the infinity

My fingers run smooth

In morning’s blinding curtain

With gratitude

With freedom of breath

In laughter and in vehemence

They run and my hands

They lift me up

When I throw myself in between

The blades of thunder and light

I am the spark

Flaring, blazing

I am the warmth born

Where those two blades meet

I am life

Where swords of contrasts

Sometimes dash to fall

In love

If you feel tired, I hope your strenght is revived. If you feel happy, I hope you feel happier today than you did yesterday. I hope for peace to your soul. Better still, I believe in hope, happiness and peace. I believe in love. I believe in life. I even believe in Mondays.

Wishing you peace and love on this particular one!

7 Responses to “Love for life- Romantic Monday”

  1. luggagelady at 5:39 pm #

    What a beautiful way to start the week! Thank you so very much!!

  2. rechab at 4:52 pm #

    Good evening… I just jumped into your blog, and I was interestet by your writing…
    May I put your poem on my own poetic blog ? ( in french)…
    I propose to put your original version, and my following translation (together).

    If you accept, I’ll need to have your name, tojoin it to the poem…

    my translation:

    Je supporte le silence

    Je m’incline quand la bougie de vie est allumée

    Je peux voir la flamme tremblante

    Dans le sentier sinueux des oiseaux

    Me réjouissant dans le cri d’un nouveau-né

    Mon regard, répond à l’infini

    Mes doigts se passent en douceur

    Dans le rideau aveuglant du matin

    avec gratitude

    Avec la liberté du souffle

    Dans le rire et dans la véhémence.

    Ils courent et mes mains

    me relevent

    Quand je me jette entre

    Les pales du tonnerre et de la lumière

    Je suis l’étincelle

    La torche, flamboyante

    Je suis la chaleur née

    Lorsque ces deux lames se réunissent

    Je suis la vie

    Où des épées de contrastes

    Parfois se précipitent , à tomber amoureuse.


    • daydreamdaisies at 7:37 pm #

      Bonsoir RC! Thank you for coming by. Your translation sounds beautiful to me though I’ve only studied a little French. I wish I was better, your language is so lovely! (if irregular in its grammar :D).
      I’m flattered that you want to include my poem in your blog post so go ahead . But could you also include a link to this post alongside the poem please? And is it okay if for my name you use my initials and/or my blogger name daydreamdaisies? My initials are ML.
      Lovely to meet you and prends soin! 🙂



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