Seeing Human – Art In Perspective

25 Jan






I have come to realise why we need art so badly. Why our writing and photos and thoughts are so important.

Because art, be it painting with words or brushstokers or using a camera lense as your guiding eye, is essentially a rebirth.

In art, you can lose yourself and find yourself again. It is about losing your perspective, stepping into new stories, meeting the stranger inside you. But miraculously, it is also about gaining perspective. How many times, after a good art-bath, have you emerged with clearer sight or a fresh angle?

That is the magic of art, writing, photography. You are free, yet grounded at the same time.

Your pen, your camera or paint tube is a solid compass in your hand. But for once, you can let yourself go. You can build storms and tsunamis in your mind, kiss a stranger passionately, live in a French film and smoke too much, you can make big look small and small look big. You can make anything. You can change your skin. And when you return to yourself, quite often you find that art has taken you somewhere different.

Art is seeing human. It is peeking inside yourself and reaching outside yourself, at the same time. It makes you want to keep your eyes open. Makes you want to wonder and understand.

Holding art in your mind is like having lemon juice on your tongue. It prickles. And when you feel that prickle, it’s impossible to forget that you’re alive. That’s why I love art so much, in all its forms.

But what is art to you?


Seeing human



Is looking out for the small

The baby hairs covering sore temples

The caged pulse and bloody cuticles

Looking through anger

And seeing human, remembering

Even iron has its melting point


See life today! Peace and love.

12 Responses to “Seeing Human – Art In Perspective”

  1. Notes Along the Path at 3:52 pm #

    What a beautiful, work of the soul, description of the purpose and meaning of art. I wish all the school districts cutting or considering cutting art and music could read it.

    • daydreamdaisies at 6:19 pm #

      Oh my, thank you so much! I wish that too. Children should be allowed to be creative and experiment. Losing yourself through art is safe but losing yourself in streets is always not. Seeing children being too grown up upsets me.

  2. Britton at 5:04 pm #

    In fact, ur writing gave me a lemon juice prickle for my mind.

    True N sweet 🙂

    • Britton at 5:06 pm #

      By the way, love the second image the most 🙂

      • daydreamdaisies at 6:20 pm #

        Aww thank you. I’m glad it didn’t leave a sour taste. Lemons sometimes do that to you. But I quite like them. I just think they’re misunderstood. Like onions. Imagine always having to make people cry. :p

  3. ruleofstupid at 6:35 pm #

    This is true and wonderfully expressed. For me I’m not sure it’s so much what art means, but rather that I think without it life would be unbearable.

    • daydreamdaisies at 6:24 pm #

      Thank you. And who would want to make Panda feel ‘unbearable’? I mean, that would be one bad identity crisis. 😉 You get it?

  4. picotbytorhild at 9:37 am #

    Tuly inspiring writings! Art to me is joining up, sharing thinkings. Unfortunately art is sometimes considered to be difficult, and only for the intellectuals. That makes me sad and angry.

    • daydreamdaisies at 6:28 pm #

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts! And I agree, it makes me sad too. Art should be for everyone. Because everyone has the ability to feel.

  5. sjp at 8:53 am #

    Art is fun, playing with the perimeters of life.

    I like that when I create something I surprise the people who think they know me 🙂

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