Have yourself a fairly merry Christmas!

13 Dec

Here is what not to do this Christmas:

1. Piss your neighbours off with Christmas lights that are designed to give every passer-by an epileptic seizure:



2. Fall asleep while having some gingerbread biscuits in the oven. I woke up to the sound of fire alarm, run to the kitchen and saw that something was catching fire slightly. So I panicked, grabbed the baking tray, run out and threw it into a snow drift.

A photo I took after the tiny fire was out... I took the biscuits inside trying to save them. I couldn't be a baker but I made some convincing chalk there.

A photo I took after the tiny fire was out… I took the biscuits inside, needless to say they couldn’t be saved. Well, I wouldn’t make a baker but I made some convincing chalk there.



3. Tear your hair out as a result of Christmas present-stress. Giving presents should be fun.

One thing I don’t get is giving presents for the sake of giving presents. Stressing over how someone already has everything, then going out and buying them something, just anything, a mug, woolly socks, anything! Because we need to buy them a present, just need to.

But both the buyer and the receiver know that this thing, this present bought in panic, is most likely forgotten after the Holidays, gathering dust at the back of some cupboard. So why wouldn’t we give presents that are different this Christmas? Presents that mean something… that mean a lot actually. Presents that are not forgotten.

Why wouldn’t we give gifts of life? Why wouldn’t we share the excess we have with others who have nothing. Use our money to give someone else hope?

So far I have given some uncontaminated water and few meters of water pipe, life-saving inoculations and a goat. All of these go to families in need. I have also given some toys to a family near here.

And what I wish for this Chrismas? A little love. Let’s make this world a fairer, warmer place!

To check out some charity gift ideas, some gifts that mean a lot, there’s WWF or Worldvision.  There’s also The Operation Christmas Child in the UK. And countless other local charity projects wherever you’re at, so keep your eyes open and find the gifts of life.

And have yourself a fairly merry Christmas, darlings!


9 Responses to “Have yourself a fairly merry Christmas!”

  1. ruleofstupid at 12:32 am #

    All our Crimble stuff is from charity shops this year, a kind of happy medium. I agree – present mania is not only stupid, but antithetical to the spirit of christmas.

    • daydreamdaisies at 10:10 pm #

      That has just made me feel a whole lot better, thank you for having a heart dear Panda! I’ve heard couple of people complain today how they got NOTHING, absolutely nothing as a present, only some HIV inoculations given to African children. I’m a pacifist totally, but I felt the urge to slap them just a little bit to wake them up. How is that nothing?! Do they not realise that they have been given everything in life, they have been given a life, a life of security? If they want a box of chocolate as a present this Christmas, they can march to a shop and buy one. Right now, buy ten if it serves their fancy! And that African child, he needs that inoculations. It might save his life. If you have a life of plenty, why would you not want to give a life, a better life and healthier life to someone? Why? Those women probably have children of their own… How blind can you be?
      (Sorry, this just really angers me. )

      • ruleofstupid at 10:17 pm #

        I can tell – and I empathise. We take far too much for granted, and don’t enjoy so many gifts we already have in our rush to buy the next fad.
        Alas I’ve never found profit in trying to show someone their own greed – they will only learn if they one day lose it all.
        Enjoy your low-cost, real-spirit xmas 🙂

      • daydreamdaisies at 10:22 pm #

        You too! I also love your C4C, can I just say that under all the hardcore ranting you do have a very soft core, you’re a kind person.

      • ruleofstupid at 10:24 pm #

        Thank you Daisies – I am the law of the excluded middle.
        You are very lovely too 🙂

  2. Edward Hotspur at 3:48 am #

    You are very kind, DDD. I’m impressed.

    • daydreamdaisies at 10:06 pm #

      Thank you. And DDD, I quite like that. Sounds cool, like somesort of exploding superhero. Like TNT, but better. :p

      • Edward Hotspur at 12:48 am #

        I almost put 3D, but I liked the connotations of Victoria’s Secret.


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