Playing God – Daily Prompt

20 Nov

The Daily Prompt- Coming to A Bookshelf Near You

Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

Playing God

Have you ever lost someone to death?

He had.

In his dreams he could see her falling, the car like a raging bull that sends her spinning, throws her up, up, higher. She glides through the air, gracefully at first, the wind humming peacefully… but then she starts to fall, her limbs looking all mangled and dislocated. An unhuman crash rings out as the wind screen pierces her head open, the tenderness of her temples forever disturbed. She falls down the bonnet, falls down into nothingness, into death.

But seeing her die in rewind is not the most painful part. No,  the most painful moment is the blissful forgettance that follows, as he wakes up panting and then fools himself into believing that it was just a dream, just a horrible dream. And as he reaches to her side of the bed, just to feel her soft hair, all he finds is a cold pillow. It still has the shape of her head imprinted on it, a solid proof of the nights they have spent together, curled up in love.  So he listens to her tapping downstairs, waits to hear the kettle boiling and breakfast plates clinking, just like every morning. But the house stays silent now, the house stays empty.

In that moment, in that hammer stroke of reality, death finally sniffs him out. It gatecrashes his heart, moves in with its heavy luggage and makes itself sadistically comfortable. That is the moment he remembers that love is forever lost.  That she is forever lost.

But what if she isn’t? What if she survived?

That is the question he has to ask himself when an unknown woman suddenly walks through his door. That stranger, she carries a tint of familiarity on her face. That woman, she moves like her. She smiles like her.

Then she confesses that she is her.

Is he going to believe her, welcome her back? Is he going to take that hope, embrace the sweet solace it brings? Is he going to love her as if she really is his lost love?

Or is he going to turn her away, tear apart her words, forever carrying that little regret in his heart? That little doubt, that bittersweet seed of a newly found faith in life. That one, burning question:

What if she really is her, resurrected?

10 Responses to “Playing God – Daily Prompt”

  1. thecheekydiva at 8:30 pm #

    So when are you writing this? I have to read it. Seriously. For real. Quit blogging and start (or finish) this book. Now. Go on, do it already! 🙂

    • daydreamdaisies at 8:42 pm #

      Wow thank you! This idea has been in my head for three years now and I have actually started it once. I think I wrote about eighty pages and then made the mistake of reading back before actually finishing the work. I thought the characters didn’t have enough credibility and the story somehow got buried into the endless data-prairie of my computer. But I might try rewriting it now, if only for the twist in the end that’s been haunting me!

      • thecheekydiva at 8:54 pm #

        My story that I mentioned in the challenge has been with me for much longer, my friend. I’m afraid it will never get written, but who knows? I may surprise myself.

      • daydreamdaisies at 10:12 am #

        You totally should! I want to know what’s the deal with this unborn child and Tom Jenkins guy! Cannot begin this excitingly and then never reveal the rest 😉

      • thecheekydiva at 11:34 am #

        Write the dust cover, then write the book around it? Interesting idea. Almost like buying an outfit to go with a pair of shoes or a purse. Ha ha. I would love to actually write this. Maybe some day.

  2. Edward Hotspur at 8:57 pm #

    Write it!

  3. ruleofstupid at 9:03 pm #

    That’s a big book! or tiny writing on the jacket! (Jus kidding).
    Strong premis Daisies, definitely worth digging out and re-writing. 🙂

    • daydreamdaisies at 10:10 am #

      Haha I know, it was hard to stop writing so I took some liberties 😀 but I guess that’s a good sign, who knows, this might end up being my debut book now.

  4. shatashari at 9:21 pm #

    Interesting concept: something we desperately want appears and we deny it. Why? It’s difficult to say, but most of us probably would deny the loved one is back or never gone in the start.

    • daydreamdaisies at 10:28 am #

      And then there’s the difficulty of letting someone go… if you believe them, are you just fooling yourself?
      And what if you’re not, how then are you going to make sense of the world already shaken by death, if all your beliefs about afterlife and our time here are being challenged? What are you going to do?

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