Facebook: Disconnecting people

30 Oct

Photocredit: businessboombolton.com

When the first phones came, Nokia was connecting people. Now, Facebook is disconnecting them.

You know what I’m talking about. When was the last time you saw two people out together, both staring at their shiny Blackberries? The only chatter that could be heard was the constant blibs of Facebook chat, of notifications and retweets. They didn’t look at each other once.

And it’s not like it is just them. It is me too, and you, and us all to some extent. Think about it, what is the last time you ‘added a friend’ to your life with the click of your finger?

How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many do you follow on Twitter? And how many, out of all those people, do you actually connect with? Yes, you might like the post on their wall (unless it is one of those that embraces the new openness of social networking a bit too fondly, describing their breakfast, and then their bowel movements after said breakfast, in detail.)

But do you actually talk with them?

And how is it possible, in this age of internet and the whole world on our screens, that people still grow lonely?

Might it be because we live to tweet and tweet to live? Because we are too busy posting a photo of  “me and my mate at Starbucks, having fun” to actually have some fun?

Photocredit: theartofeverydayjoe.com

Yes, I recognise the irony. It’s not like I’m phoning my best friend now. I am typing this, I am using the internet, I even have Facebook open on the next tab. But guess what?

I am not there. I am here, writing this, in the hope that I find someone like me, someone who still has Snake on their phone. Someone who loves reading real books, those bulky and awkward items, instead of the only hard back on their shelf being Kindle. Someone whose mother was on Facebook before them.

I am here, because I know I will find others who love books, art and the adorable glasses of John Lennon.  I am here because blogging is bringing the ‘social’ back to social networking. I am here because I know I will find laughter, quirks, beautiful writing, wisdom and inspiration. Because those are examples on things that connect people.

Examples on the opposite, on the other hand, would be ranting over the neighbour’s yappy dog on your wall or calling someone ‘a waste of organic tissue’ on Youtube because they didn’t share your music taste. After all, we can now talk to our beloved iPhones, but there is a reason why we don’t get married with them, why we don’t dance with them, why we don’t put the kettle on and cry over biscuits and tea with them.

So, who is the person you would want to do that with?

(Crying not compulsory, biscuits yes, they’re yammy.)

Go on, call them or write on their wall and plan a real catch up. Because social media is good for planning get-togethers but not for getting together.

3 Responses to “Facebook: Disconnecting people”

  1. Edward Hotspur October 31, 2012 at 2:37 am #

    Don’t worry – Facebook is based on relatives and people you met long ago. WordPress is based on meeting people who you have a bond with for a reason – thoughts, writing, dialog, philosophy, etc. LITERALLY words with friends.

    • daydreamdaisies November 4, 2012 at 6:17 pm #

      Oh you are so right, it is an internet heart to heart! I have absolutely fallen in love with so many people’s work here, it is beautiful to connect that way and it’s really precious! And also, I think you have flattered me too greatly since I just found out that my silly blog had tracked all your comments as spam. I’m not good with technology so it took me this long to notice, sorry! But thank you so much for all your words, you got me blushing a bit and definately made my night! I actually got quite emotional, it touches me that my words would reach your heart in such a way!

      • Edward Hotspur November 4, 2012 at 11:16 pm #

        Your words are magical! I just wanted to tell you.

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