Winter bliss

28 Oct

First snow.

Had it not been dark and would my photographic skills be greater, the photos above would convey the whole beauty of it better, the gently frozen tree branches and a world turned into Narnia. I drew my gaze to the ground because I loved the grass and the leaves so lightly touched by it. It was as if the world had decided to still all the seasons, emerge them into one; the grass was still green and the leaves had their autumn fire, but now they were also wrapped in snow, the fresh winter gliss. It was so calm, so quiet and as I looked around, I made peace with the world. And it was this feeling of kindness in the air I wanted to share with you today. Be safe!

Winter bliss


The snow strips these streets

bare of you, of all painful

and leaves only the naked slumber,

total surrender, a forgiving promise

of the past wiped aside


and the petals of frozen daisies,

so fragile and untouched, untraced

by all evil, they leave me floundering

with their peace, their sweet sleep

and unplucked answers


For the dead are not gone

from your heart, they dwell here

in the frozen beauty, stilled in time

to be forever free and sincere


They are the sigh of relief

the rest in you, a pure flame

igniting you, pulling you

into harbour


to love, to make peace

with all that is given.

3 Responses to “Winter bliss”

  1. Edward Hotspur at 10:19 pm #

    In so many ways, your words were even more vivid than the pictures. (That’s a compliment to your writing, not an indictment of your photography.)


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