How to beat the Monday syndrome

8 Oct

I bet we have all reached a point in life where we just look into the mirror or out of the window or stare blindly in front of us, dazed out, and think: “I just can’t go on.” The kind of moment when first it feels like a beautiful, perfect day, a wind in your hair like freedom, and you’re driving down the fast lane of your life 120 mph and laughing. Then BANG! You hit the brick wall of reality.

Maybe it’s something really big that sends your car spinning into chaos, or it might be something small. Exhausting period in work, a particularly hurtful misunderstanding or the nightmarish Monday when everything goes wrong. Or it might be the nagging feeling that nothing is particularly wrong, but something just isn’t right either. The feeling of ambiguity can sometimes drain us out the hardest, because while it might be nothing to worry about, just a passing feeling, it can cause us to lose our purpose. For all the worriers out there, I can volunteer to admit that I fit the last description. A problem the size of a fly can turn into a full-scale war of worries in my head. After dropping a pile of work papers, which I have been sweating over the whole day and just organised into their final form, I can feel  the ‘AAAAGH my life is falling apart!’ taking over. It might sound dramatic, but in that feeling it’s hard to remember it was just papers you dropped and messed up, not your  actual life.

Today has been one of those days for me. But this time, I decided not to give in. Instead, I wrote a little recipe that works better for me than Carpe diem does. This is for beating out all those rubbish Mondays:

First, stand straight. Don’t let your gaze drag at the ground. Look up. Look at the clouds.

It doesn’t matter if they’re rosy pink or a grim blanket of rain. Just look at them, see them moving in the wind. They might be grey now, but soon that passes too. Or they might be a pale pink only to be later dazzlingly gilded by the first rays of the sun. Just take a good look, and realise that the clouds up there are your life. They’re moving.

Now let go of the bullying emotion you have been holding onto. Blow it out, right into the sky. Look at it being carried away by the clouds, to be replaced by new things, always. The sky is never empty, it is an ever-changing canvas of your life. Look at your life moving on. You’re not stuck. To live in a moment, you just have to look up.

The clouds are beautiful, just like your life. If you can’t see it now, look again in half an hour and there will be a whole different landscape waiting for you up there. Life will surprise you.



First photo: © daydreamdaisies, the second and third:


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