The way to Camino de Santiago

1 Oct

Rather than taking my sister’s dog out for a walk, Camino is the walk I’d like to take. I was blissfully unaware that it even existed until my friend decided one day that ‘hey, I’ll walk over the Pyrenees next summer’. As you do. But apparently you really do do it! She left to the journey alone and discovered that in the Camino, you’re never alone. (Which is good to know if I was to do it one day, since I’m even scared to walk down my home street in the dark. I’m a wussy with too wild imagination.) And she brought back with her fantastic photos and stories about all the people she met, and has kindly given me the permission to share them here.

I actually do believe that if everyone did something like this, instead of conquering yet another tourist beach on their holiday, they might learn something about the important things in life. Then again, I’d hate to think that you would have to go somewhere far away to do so. Camino might be the way to happiness, but it is certainly not the only way. All you have to do is change the way you see things, take time to think, do things you love and break your routines. Luckily, you can do that everywhere. An opportunity to be happy is everywhere.

I have amazing friends. Thanks to one one of them for inspiration, thoughts and the photos. Actually, never mind the photos, thanks that you exist.

Last photo:, all the others my friend’s


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