Fellow literature geeks, I greet you!

25 Sep

“Literature is a textually transmitted disease, normally contracted in childhood.” 

-Jane Yolen-

I was diagnosed with this disease early in life; I loved nothing more than bedtime stories but wanted to read them to myself the moment I could spell my own name (when I in fact learnt to read, my parents probably opened a bottle of bubbly from the sheer joy of not having to plummage through Gulliver’s travels with me for the tzillionth time).

So all the fellow literature geeks, I greet you!  I’m here because I love a good story. This is an appreciation blog for all the great writers and artists and for beautiful daft stuff too, like daisies and ice lollies and lifting your feet into the air to see their outline against a sunny summer sky! This is for colours and great lines I want to cite, and for my dreams about the great lines I one day want to write myself. This is a ‘celebrate life’-blog, but not a lifestyle guide-kind because, frankly, I eat too much chocolate and unfortunately my running shoes cannot quite come between me and my love for soft, comfy sofas.

So welcome to Daydreamdaisies, you’re sure to expect my excited ramblings about a book I’ve read very soon, and who knows, if I get particularly brave, I might even post some of my own writing and art.


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